Supercars in the Desert

This is a nice context specific innovation coming from the emirates. It's an off-road supercar built for racing on sand dunes. I would like to see a more affordable, stripped down version for off-road use in developing countries. Come to think of it, what stops us from developing an off-roader here in Nigerian, one built for navigating rural roads and farming communities? Now that would be interesting.

From the Forbes article:

The initial plan of the startup, which is first-of-a-kind in the Middle East, was to launch an off-road championship to support the development of motorsport in the UAE, explains Al Qadi. “Laffite wanted to organize a single-make racing series, as the ones that exist in the U.S. and Europe, while Mardell and I wished to bring the racing series from the tarmac to the sand.”

But soon the idea progressed to finding an ideal high-performance off-roader, as, according to Al Qadi, the Dakar prototypes and existing European and American off-road vehicles are not suitable for desert driving. “Since the car of our dreams did not exist, we decided to build it,” says Al Qadi. “The off-roader has been designed keeping the UAE’s terrain in mind, and can legally be driven on-road as well.”