My Perfect Storm

Like most people, I have a wide range of interests. I love to read, study and think. I am In constant search of that perfect storm of varied thoughts and ideas which I can surf to my hearts content. This has been made possible in our world today where the internet has brought hundreds of terabytes of information within our reach. 

Well, life is short and the pace of modern life will not allow us to process all the information at hand. We must learn to organize our time to be able to gain maximum benefits from this explosion of information. In my case, I've tried to organize my interests into a broad categorization which of course is constantly evolving. 

These interests will form the framework for things I plan to share and discuss on this timeline. I look forward to useful discussions with you, my dear friends. 

Discussion Topics

  1. Philosophy, Politics, Governance: practical theories, policies and initiatives to unlock our individual and collective potential. You can consider these to be 'road maps to life more abundant'. 
  2. Science & Technology: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Robotics- blueprints of the machine age and emergence of cybernetic human. These also form my immediate field of study. 
  3. Personal Development: how to take advantage of the explosion of freely available information to develop ourselves exponentially.
  4. Entrepreneurship: how to setup and run a business efficiently and profitably in the modern age.
  5. Creative Arts: books, music, film, drama to inspire and edify.
  6. Each of these broad areas comes with an accompanying reading list of basic, intermediate and advanced texts which I will be sharing in due course. 

I will try to keep myself organized but bear with me if I occasionally seem to stray off course. Such is the nature of intellectual discovery. We must allow serendipity to take us off the beaten path as we search for the holy grail of knowledge!