Open Letter to the President's Men


  • You are losing the plot but it's not too late; this is the twilight of the honeymoon
  • Number 1 point: your principals failure is your failure, there are no do-overs. Do the job or get out of the way
  • Vision is the principal's job; yours is about the details- but don't reinvent the wheel. Find the best and brightest and use them
  • Don't forget your base- the thousands who worked anonymously to get you there. Talk to them every day. You will need them soon. Don't be deluded - some of us are ideologues and will turn our backs on you on principle alone. We are the 'silent' majority
  • Bury your personal agenda. It's your choice whether to kill it before you bury it or bury it alive, but bury it. You will fail otherwise. We don't want to hear about you. We want to hear about the agenda and the vision. Therefore you must become faceless, sacrificial lambs on the alter of the progress. Like the 300, the Spartans who sacrificed themselves for the Greek nation, be prepared to sacrifice yourself for your principal.