A Deep Learning Dive into the World of Natural Language Processing

Have you ever wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence and deep learning? This article, 'Learning when to skim and when to read', from Salesforce's Metamind blog should be a great resource for you. It's a deep dive into the field of artificial intelligence but written in a clear and accessible style.

The author, Alexander Rosenberg Johansen, a deep learning researcher at Salesforce, discusses advanced techniques of sentiment analysis that should be of interest to entrepreneurs in the fast growing social media era where monitoring online commentary about your products of services is a top priority.

Johansen's article is set against the background of the pivoting of the AI community problems like Image Recognition to newer frontiers like Natural Language Processing- and how researchers are developing simpler algorithms to address resource heavy tasks.

In his words:

Do we always need human level accuracy in real world data? Or can we sometimes do with less? In this blog post we will explore how a fast baseline can decide which sentences are easy or difficult. By only using expensive classifiers on the difficult sentences we can save computational time.