The Everywhere School: Google Classroom is Now Open

Following up on my reference to pervasive learning in my recent post on reforming education in Nigeria, I am pleased to report that Google has just opened up their Google Classroom product to users without G Suite for Education accounts.

According to the release on their blog:

Now, teachers and students in many different environments can teach or attend classes, manage assignments and instantly collaborate—all with their personal Google accounts.

Google Classroom is particularly well-suited to actualizing the concept of pervasive learning. The introductory video from the original product launch hints at this direction:

1: Pervasive Learning is a term first used by author Dan Pontefract in his book 'Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization

Check out this extensive list of features and capabalities of Google Classroom.

Of course, Google Classroom becomes even more powerful when combined with other Google for Education products like Chromebooks and Tablets, Docs & Gmail, Google Drive, Vault, Calendar, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, Expeditions and Google Cloud Platform.

Google Classroom is a product that the Nigerian Education sector should immediately adopt. It's free, easy to use and available everywhere.