Are You Planning on Starting a Farm? Check out Open Source Ecology and the Global Village Construction Set.

Are you starting a farm and looking for the right technology to build a farmhouse?

Are you looking for affordable farming equipment and implements that you can easily maintain yourself?

If your answer is yes then you cannot go wrong by trying out the solutions offered by the Global VIllage Construction Set (GVCS) from Open Source Ecology. The GVCS was used in construction of the showcase Factor e Farm in the state of Missouri, USA.

GVCS is a system designed to enable fabrication of 50 different industrial machines required to uild a modern, sustainable civilization powered by renewal energy and with minimal maintenance requirements.

In the Nigerian or African environment this basically means you dont have to import expensive foreign machinery. Most of the machines in this open source database can be constructed by local fabricators and maintained by local mechanics.

This general concept has been validated locally by an entreprising Nigerian entrepneur and farmer. While he did not specifially use the GCVSS system, Mr Kola Adeniji of Niji Farms located in Ilero, in Kajola LGA of Okeho runs his farms mainly with locally fabricated equipment.

I am interested in trying out the Global Village Construction Set. Let me know in the comments if its something you would like to try.